Frequently asked questions

I am interested in your service. How do I get started?

You can get in touch with our sales team through our website. A representative will get back to you and discuss whether our service is available in your location. If so, you can schedule an appointment for a live demo and go from there.

How can I get a pedics terminal?

Please get in touch with our sales team through our website. You can access our service through a subscription. This subscription covers everything it takes to get started in a monthly rate. It includes the lease of the pedics terminal, technical support, onboarding by our representatives, future updates to the software, access to our patient and order management platform and much more.

What are the key terms of the subscription?

The subscription is available on a monthly or a yearly basis. There are discounts available for the yearly model. Please contact our sales team through our website for more detailed pricing information.

Can I also purchase the pedics terminal as opposed to the monthly subscription fee?

No, the pedics terminal is not available for purchase. Because of the ongoing cost for support, data hosting, updates and new features to the software this is not possible. Of course we want to be able to provide our service to as many practitioners as possible, so we made the monthly rate very competitive.

What do I need to get started with the pedics terminal?

All it takes to set up the terminal is a power outlet and a stable internet connection, preferably with a LAN cable as opposed to WiFi.

Can I use my own equipment (computer, scanner devices etc.) with your system?

No, the pedics terminal is a completely integrated solution that is not compatible with devices from other manufacturers. We can only guarantee a high level of reliability if we have control over the entire setup.

Do I have to purchase orthotics to use the functionality of the pedics terminal?

No, there is no minimum purchase quantity and no limit on how many assessments you can conduct with the pedics terminal. It is also not required to create an orthotic configuration after the assessment. You can freely conduct assessments and create reports with no further obligations.

Are pedics orthotics truly custom?

Yes, they are truly custom. Each and every pair is individually designed (CAD) by our specialists based upon the information from the pedics assessment. The orthotics are then made-to-order. Every orthotic is a one-off product that is carefully crafted by our specialists and designed on the sound basis of the wealth of biometrical data from the assessment.